Engine Detailed

Engine Detailed

Engine Detailed

Engine Detailed

Engines Detailed

This section covers Aero Engines that are fully detailed.  The Rolls Royce Merlin engine is the dedicated work of John Fall.  The other completed engines are the Bentley BR-2 and the 1903 Wright Flyer engine.  To follow will be the Clerget Radial Engine.  Use the designated button to take you to the engine you would like to view.  Enjoy the images and the possibility to manipulate an e-Drawing 3D model.

Rolls Royce Merlin

The Rolls Royce Merlin was one of the truly great engines during WWII.  It was used in a number of iconic aircraft such as the Spitfire, Hurricane, Avro Lancaster and the de Havilland Mosquito.  The design was also made under the Packard name in the United States and used in the P-51 Mustang.

Bentley BR2

The BR2 was designed by W.O. Bentley for the Sopwith Snipe.  The design is based on the BR1 which followed the Clerget design but Bentley used Aluminium alloy materials to reduce weight and improve cooling.  The BR2 was larger than its predecessor and more powerful.

1903 Wright Flyer Engine

The Wright brothers need a 12h.p. engine with a weight of less than 200lb.  None of the automobile engines met the criteria so the brothers and their team developed the engine from scratch.  Visitors to Oshkosh are able to see a replica engine running.  The design is extremely interesting and is recreated and displayed on this site.  Take the opportunity to review the 3D e-Drawing model. 


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