Acknowledgments and Reference Material

A number of individuals and organisations have either helped me or inspired me in creating this website.  Below are acknowledgements of their support or inspiration.

Monforton Press

Monforton Press is the vehicle that Paul Monforton uses to publish any of his books on aircraft.  Paul, from Greely in Canada is the creator of this outstanding Spitfire book which makes it possible for 3D modellers to recreate the Spitfire MkIX.   In addition to the book, Paul has been very supportive of the work I am doing and it is this sort of support that pushes me to create more and more aircraft. Paul spent 20 odd years as a manufacturing engineer with companies such as de Havilland, McDonnel Douglas, Boeing, IAI and Bombardier where he honed the skills necessary to produce the Spitfire book.  Being an avid model engineer and a long time radio control flying enthusiast gave him the “modeller’s point of view”.  It took four years of research and drafting on CAD software to fully develop the drawings found in the book.  Below is some information on Paul’s book:

“…such a magnificent document is a significant contribution to the recorded history of the 20th century.”
Alan, Australia

“Received your book… it is absolutely superb and will assist greatly when I get my MK IX restoration underway!”
Roger, South Africa

The focus of this book is to provide the enthusiast with the information needed to super detail the legendary Spitfire Mk. IX and Mk. XVI to a high degree of accuracy. Aircraft illustrators, restorers and modellers will appreciate the thoroughness of the photographs and dimensioned drawings. The e-book is in PDF format.

Meticulous attention to engineering detail provides what is usually only obtained by visiting an actual aircraft. Extensive representation of panel lines and over 46,000 rivets. Formatted with large colour photos so that detail can be easily studied. Several images at differing angles of view serve to illustrate each area of the complete aircraft.

Line drawings have been painstakingly drafted and dimensioned on CAD software using original Supermarine factory drawings. For those areas where no original Spitfire drawings are available, measurements were taken from surviving Spitfires to complete the research material. Included are ordinate tables for all wing ribs, fuselage frames and stabilizer ribs. Sufficient information for those who wish to design and build their own Spitfire model or perhaps make a start on a homebuilt.

“…People had told me about this but to actually see it is something else altogether. Congratulations on a truly, truly outstanding job. Absolutely amazing!”
Andreas, USA

“The plans arrived in Paris and I have to say that they are quite beyond anything that I’ve ever seen in the way of technical drawings. Words like “outstanding” “and “remarkable” don’t begin to give an idea of how good they are. They really take ALL the guesswork out of building a detailed replica of the Spitfire.”
Jean, France

John Fall

John is a prolific modeller of various products but what caught my eye was his detailed modelling of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine.  John also uses SolidWorks and very generously let me have access to all of his 3D parts and assemblies.  After receiving the models I became inspired to get back into working on the Spitfire.  One needs to visit GrabCad to see all of John’s work.

Solid Solutions

I became a SolidSolutions customer in 2011 when setting up Smith Dixon and Associates.  During the past seven years, the Support Team Engineers have gone out of their way to support me in whatever issues I have relating to SolidWorks and Visualize.  We always get to a solution no matter how long it takes.  I have been very fortunate to have SolidSolutions as my re-seller and I cannot recommend them highly enough to those users based in the UK.  The pool of expertise within the Support Team ensures that no matter what the issue, there is always someone who will get you a resolution.

SolidSolutions commenced business as a SOLIDWORKS Training and SOLIDWORKS Support provider in 1998 and have consistently achieved strong growth year-on-year to become the UK’s leading SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD reseller. Growth has been achieved organically and through strategic acquisitions. We are consistently driven by a focus on recruiting the best from academia and industry and by delivering high quality services to more than 15,000+ customers.

The Virtual Aircraft Website – Jerry Boucher

Jerry has inspired me to look at some of the less know aircraft as the well-known icon.  I enjoy spending time viewing the many aircraft that Jerry has painted and I recommend this site to any military aircraft enthusiast.

Jerry was born in 1969 and was raised in Somerset (UK), and lived in various villages that were never far from RNAS Yeovilton. Aircraft were always flying overhead, and I became obsessed by them from an early age.

This obsession also fed into his creative output, fuelled by books, box artwork and comics. Jerry’s professional career as an aviation illustrator began in 2001, and since then I have created imagery for a variety of books, magazines and model kits. The aim of this website is to showcase his aviation art. He has a particular interest in those types that are less well-known or perhaps less ‘glamourous’ than their more famous brethren.  Jerry hopes to add to this site as he creates new images, as well as updating some of the older examples. In the meantime, visit Jerry’s Gallery section to see his present collection. The images have been arranged in reverse chronological order – that is, from my most recent work to my earliest.



Replicraft plan sets are the result of a Jim Kiger becoming very displeased at the so-called “Master Plans” available over the past years.   Jim decided “if I cannot rely on the accuracy of existing plans I should make my own.”   But why do anything if you can’t do it better?

Jim has developed several plan sets  that will never be equaled.   He does his own research and uses only the most authentic information.   Most of the plan sets are 100% from original factory drawings, construction and rigging manuals.   These sets are the equivalent of having a  full set of factory drawings!

There is no other source to find drawings this accurate and this complete.  Jim says “  I have never had a dissatisfied customer.” 

Jim also had several requests from scale modellers about drawings in different scale, so he has added the availability of one-sixth scale and one-tenth scale at the same prices as the original one fifth-scale sets. 



Learning all of the tricks and tips of Surfacing in SolidWorks is never easy.  Dan Lavoie of SolidStuffLeaning has found a process that makes it possible to recreate cars or aircraft from 3 drawing elevations.  I have completed 3 of Dan’s tutorials and it is these tutorials that have made it possible for me to complete so many aircraft in a limited time.  For those SolidWorks users interested in improving their surfacing skills, go to Dan’s website and purchase one of his tutorials.


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